Monday, September 23, 2013

Oh me, oh my... Where has the time gone

We must be having fun, cause the time has flown by. For anyone still checking this blog for updates, huge apologies.
We are all doing well. Lucy has started and enjoys first grade now. Such a big kid. She lost her third tooth just yesterday, she was pretty happy about it. I, like many a man, remain grossed out. The final uumph to get it out was a big delicious fall apple.

We have been trying to tire her out, she still has an abundance of energy. We tried t-ball over summer, too slow for her. She enjoyed hitting the ball and running the bases, but that was about it. I the outfield she would do cartwheels or build sand castles between second and third base. We signed her up for cross fit classes and she loves it. It is all constant motion and exertion, perfect.

She decided to drop her training wheels from her bike early in the summer. She thought about it, I held on to her seat for just a moment and she took right off. She is a mad woman behind the handlebars.

We got a great and funny report from school already. I guess some of her class mates have had a hard time being back in school and have cried to go home, and according to the teacher, Lucy will have her arm around them and console them, telling them that it will be alright and that they will have fun there. She is such a lover. While at home, when tonya is hurt or bothered, she is quick with a: 'well, that's life, you'll be fine soon'.  Oh, for the funny. He teacher smelled nail polish while teaching and turned around to see Lucy applying some to her nails during the lesson. She would have done all the girls if allowed, that's for sure. She plays hard, but is such a girl! I will have my work cut out for me when she gets older.

Ok, I will try to post some pics from this iPad, not sure it will work. Wasted $500.

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Our Big Girl!

So it has been a while since a good post was put on here! Lucy is just so grown up. She is super tall and super funny and super beautiful! She is now 6 years old! Lost one tooth, so far. Her hair is also getting longer and she loves that, since she loves to sing and look at herself in the mirror. All the time!

She is doing good in Kindergarten. The teacher has started to send home a note of how she does each day. Her reading and writing  is top notch! It is the attenion span and not worrying about what all the other kids are doing that gets her in trouble at times! oye. Considering where she started, she is a star in my mind though.  She is completely in love with her daddy. Me, well I get seconds at times but
I will take it. She still loves me, even though dad is her 'twin' as she calls him!

We are planning some fun road trips and a trip to FL with my mom and dad in the spring. She just loves to travel, so we are excited to share the news with her when the time comes. Not a minute sooner!

Lucy loves stickers, Taylor Swift,  her family, playing school and doctor of course! The medical curiosity never ends with her.

Hoping to plan some more play dates with some friends and maybe even plan a get together at the house in the next month or two. She would really have a blast and it is long overdue.

Love our Lucy Blue! Wishing i could post a picture..not sure why this wont work.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

where has the time gone?

August 18 again, our 4 year anniversary for gotcha day. all day long, I kept doing little reflections of the past.  she was such a peanut, actually still kinda is, but i thought it would be nice to do a look back while showing you the latest.

Happy Gotcha Day!

Monday, July 09, 2012

Our Olympic Swimmer

This little kid is amazing. Her lack of fear plays out well for her I the pool. So, a bit ago she decided to go without floaties, so she is real good at treading water and swimming from side to side. But now she has decide to swim underwater now, like actually swim under water. She has me counting to see how long she can hold her breath underwater. She has these little sinking jellyfish to practice going swimming to the bottom. We drop them in, they sink, and she dives under and grabs them and our toes. She learns everything we teach her in there. I will be teaching her how to properly dive next. We have pics and videos of the big kid.. But again, iPad blows and we can't upload to anything from here.